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We would like to thank you for your interest in Ember Cheer Allstars. Since we began our all-star cheerleading program, we have enjoyed increasing success with each passing year.

Ember Cheer has a first-class facility located in York, Pennsylvania.  The York location boasts over 8,000 sq. ft. of cheerleading, tumbling, gymnastics, and parkour equipment.  This location offers a spring floor, in-ground trampoline, resi pits, rod floor, tumble track, and in-ground foam pit.  We are dedicated to offering a professional staff and a well-structured organization.  Our goal is to provide the best training environment for our athletes while teaching them ideals such as teamwork, integrity, work ethic, commitment, and sportsmanship.
The ECA staff understands that we are using the tool of all-star cheerleading to shape and develop our athletes into leaders of their peer groups and leaders of tomorrow. We believe all our athletes have exceptional talents and it is our responsibility to cultivate that talent with our compassion, dedication, and knowledge.  As coaches we take true PRIDE in the growth of our athletes both inside and outside the gym.  Although the coaching staff and training involved are clearly a factor in the success of each team, the PASSION, love, and desire to excel are critical for each cheerleader to achieve their goals.  We pride ourselves in offering the environment to ensure this happens.


All star cheerleading is an exciting sport suitable for the earliest beginner all the way through the most accomplished elite level athlete. All star cheerleading places an emphasis upon a competition “routine” of tumbling, dancing, stunting, jumping and motion techniques in a creative, innovative and challenging fashion. Because we feel that all athletes should have the ability to participate and experience the world of all star cheerleading, Ember Cheer has designed a detailed curriculum that allows any and everyone who is interested in the opportunity to participate in the sport.

The following team options are available:
  •  Full Year Competition Teams (June-May)
  •  Novice Competition Teams (September-May)
  •  Quarter Season Competition Teams (February-May)
Tumbling classes are offered year round with no team commitment required.


We are excited to be expanding our recreational and non-competitive cheerleading offerings. Stay tuned for more information on these programs.

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Full Year Competition Teams

Prep Cheer Ages 6 & Up

This is a competitive team that runs June-May. Teams practice twice a week for 1.5-2 hours. Athletes will learn a 2 minute routine. Although experience isn’t necessary, this program is built for those with prior experience on a competitive team and will require an evaluation. Teams will be required to attend choreography camp and extra practices throughout the season for routine upgrades. Athletes will be required to attend 1 tumbling class per week. This team is for athletes with a positive attitude and drive to work hard. Athletes will compete at 8-11 competitions throughout the season (tentatively December-May). Cheer practices are mandatory and tumbling training is mandatory.

Novice Competition Teams

Tiny Novice Ages 4-7

This program is perfect for athletes entering the world of cheerleading! Our tiny novice teams will teach the basic foundational skills to set athletes up for a successful future in competitive cheerleading. No experience necessary. Practice once a week for 1-1.5 hours. Novice athletes will learn a 1-1.5 minute routine. Athletes will perform at 4-6 competitions throughout the season (tentatively December-May). Their routine will include elements of:

  • Ground Level Stunting & Pyramids
  • Tumbling & Jumps
  • Motions & Dance
Novice Cheer All Ages

Our all ages novice team gives athletes a low commitment option for competitive cheerleading. These teams are perfect for athletes with busy schedules or beginner level athletes. Practice once a week for 1.5 hours. Athletes will learn a 1.5-2 minute routine. The novice teams will perform at 4-6 competitions throughout the season (tentatively December-May). Their routine will include elements of:

  • Stunting & Pyramids
  • Tumbling & Jumps
  • Motions & Dance

Quarter Season Teams

Ages 12 & Up

Our quarter season teams give athletes who participate in other fall/winter sports the opportunity to compete February-May. Previous cheerleading experience will be required for this accelerated season. Teams will practice 1-2 times a week. Quarter season athletes will learn a 1.5-2 minute long routine. Athletes will perform at 3-5 competitions March-May. Tumbling classes are highly recommended but not required for quarter season teams. Cheer practices are mandatory. This team is for athletes with a positive attitude and a drive to work hard.

Non-Competitive Offerings

Tumbling Classes Ages 5 & Up

Our tumbling classes provide a fun and safe environment to learn new skills while promoting technique, fitness, and confidence. We believe in perfection before progressions. Each class is structured and leveled to allow for safe progressions through all fundamental tumbling skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, tucks, layouts, and up to fulls. 

Recreational Allstar Cheer – Registration Opens June 2nd


This program is designed for athletes ages 6-13 of all skill levels who want to experience the excitement of allstar cheerleading in a fun and supportive environment, without the full season commitment. Our recreational allstar cheerleading class will focus on building fundamental skills in stunting, tumbling, and dance, while also teaching teamwork, discipline, and performance techniques. The team will meet once a week for 8 weeks, with 1.5 hour long practices. The class will culminate in a performance at 1 competition, where athletes will showcase their skills and routine to friends, family, and judges. No prior cheerleading experience is necessary. 

We will offer 3 sessions of recreational allstar cheer. 

  • Session 1 – October 13-December15
  • Session 2 – January 5-February 22
  • Session 3 – February 2-March 30

Costs will be as follows: 

  • Annual Registration Fee: $25 (per family, per year) 
  • Tuition: 2 months @ $82.50 per month
  • Music Fee: $25 per month 
  • Uniform Fee: $100 per athlete
  • Competition Fee (varies by session): Max cost $100. Exact cost TBD. 
  • Athletes will need white cheer sneakers – purchased on your own. 

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